11 December 2015


The purpose of COP21 is to organize the appropriate cooperation and implement the necessary finance to control climate change and urgently reduce the level of pollution threatening the future of earth and the humanity.

Plan for Global Control of Climate Change (PG3C) gathers best practice in United Nations Directives (UND), which are afterwards transposed in all member states using the most appropriate tools and methodology:

1/ EU sustainable development directives are used as a base to prepare the UND.

2/ 10 national officials of each State concerned are trained in Computer-assisted Transposition (CaT) and organization of stakeholders’ participation.

3/ They transpose the dozen of UND concerned in their national legislation with the support of the 'hotline' and CaT computer platform, which allows them to communicate directly with their counterparts in the other states.

4/ The Referents Committees composed of the stakeholders’ representatives of each relevant legislation issue an opinion on the prepared implementation measures and organize necessary training, with the support of twinning agents of the advanced states.

5/ The results are loaded on the platform of the Mutual Evaluation Software (MeS) where all citizens can compare and assess the implementation of the various national laws on their computers and mobile phones.

6 / The Single table of Correlation (StC) that report the results of the comparison is used as a reference for monitoring the quality of implementation and start the process of continuous improvement.