06 April 2015


The invention of the microscope is attributed to Hans Janssen (1590). 20 years later his son invented the telescope. The vision of the world was changed. Hard science registered major progress with the continuous improvement of both instruments.


In the ancient time, simple observation allowed the citizens to follow the administration of the cities and to adopt new laws when required.  As regional and global world governement develop, a fracture naturally carves out in the relationship between the citizens and their governments because of the distance and complexity of global regulations. 

Public policies cannot be correctly evaluated by the State alone. The principle is that one may not be judge and party. Independent assessment of public policies by a third party represents a major progress for the benefit of general interest. Quality assurance of public policies depends the strong participation of all stakeholders.

Power of democracy depends on the conscience of each citizen. New tools are needed to restore citizens' vision and power. 

This is why, one of the most eminent membres of the European Parliament, M. Alain Lamassoure  asked EuRefer to create an Observatory for the Citizens.


The aim of the Observatory for the Citizens is to contribute to world harmony by providing to the citizens the means to observe, compare and evaluate the ways globare regulations are implemented by the national governements.

Eurefer has created a special software called MeM (Mutual evaluation Module) available to all citizens on an Internet Plateform.

The Global World University uses this software to display the national legislations, collect the citizens observations and recommend the best practice