06 April 2015

International film festival of St John's University



Either we learn to walk together in peace and harmony or we start to drift to our ruin and that of others.

John Paul II


At the request of the President of the EuRefer Federation, a leading European expert has been appointed to draw up the training program for the graduation of Global World Master with three options (Public administration - Private management - Communication).

Our citizens and our leaders are necessarily aware of the global world. Few actually know how it functions, how to interact and extend its benefits. This ignorance, combined with the lack of qualified referents, is one of the principal causes of economic crisis, poor governance and risks of war.

For this reason the EuRefer Federation has decided to:

• adopt a general training program for the referents of the global world;

• mobilize the leading scientists and practitioners to direct the appropriate pedagogical methods;

• accredit the universities interested in a common system throughout the planet;

• protect and highlight the researches and creations which advance the quality of life.

Tomorrow morning the President of the Federation EuRefer will open the first session of the Scientific Council which will launch the World Global University.