06 April 2015


The objective is to provide global managers implementing efficient strategies meeting the Global World's needs and requirements.

GwU-CaH/2015-011 – Harmonization Auditor - novice

The manual, course and workshop provide an overview of the process and a methodology to audit the harmonization process. They comprise four parts using case study to analyze protocol and methods, interview, documentary analysis and report. Metrix are used to deliver reports based on precise and concise evaluation. The final examination opens access to a accreditation for 1 year as a Novice Auditor. 

Duration: 24 hours.


GwU-CaH/2015-011 – Harmonization Auditor - Certified

After two practical audits under the direction of a Lead auditor, the preparation of technical memoir and a two days complementary training, the novice auditor becomes a fully certified auditor. The two or more practical audits achieved by the auditor receive appropriate payments.

Duration: 1 year.


GwU-CrH/2015-021 – Lead Auditor (audit, manage, transpose, implement)

A variety of courses and a research survey on the monitoring, management, organization and implementation of the Global World. Specific software is used to adopt and implement efficiently harmonized regulations. The final examination which closes the training session, plus 5 years practice as transposer open access to the grade of Lead Auditor. Specific access are organised for highly experienced experts in public management.

Duration: 180 hours.